Prom night bobby


Robert Noel "Bobby" Brown is a character in the 2008 remake of Prom Night. He is protrayed by Scott Porter.

Prom NightEdit

Bobby is the boyfriend of Donna Keppel and her escort to the prom. He doesn't know of her past problem with her former high school chemistry teacher Richard Fenton who became her obsessed stalker and is full of joy as they attend the prom. As the night goes on it becomes obvious that he and Donna are very much in love and that he keeps her on her feet. Then a sudden turn of events evolve as the prom is stopped and he finds out about Donna's past including how Fenton became psychotically obsessed with her. He becomes a savior for her and stays with her at home after prom to make sure she is okay but when her past catches up with them, Bobby may not be able to even save himself. He is last seen awakening after Donna's nightmare. She asks him if he is sleepy and he says he was just resting his eyes. Donna tells him that she's going to the bathroom, before giving him a small kiss.


He is killed off-screen in Donna's bedroom by Fenton while he is sleeping. Fenton some how snuck into the house after killing Detective Nash and the officer who was guarding the back then entered Donna's bedroom and slit Bobby's throat. When Donna returns from the bathroom and thanks him for staying with her, Bobby doesn't move so she pokes him in the side and suddenly sees that his throat has been slit. After Fenton is killed, Donna tearfully cries over Bobby's corpse but is embraced by Detective Winn who tries to get her to remain calm telling her that its over.


  • Bobby is presumably the long time boyfriend of Donna as he always cares for her. He attempts to be Donna's protector after finding out about how Richard Fenton was obsessed with her, but after his death at the end, his role as Donna's protector is taken over by Detective Winn.
  • It's obvious that Fenton intended to kill Bobby because he was Donna's boyfriend. He even erased a picture of the two kissing from Claire's digtial camera. He also showed jealousy while watching Donna and Bobby sharing a kiss on the dance floor at prom.