Craig Nordham is a high school student at Hamilton high school in 1987 and his girlfriend is vicki carpenter and he encounters Mary lou the night of the prom in 1987 when she comes out of vicki and comes back to life at the prom for revenge. He gets followed by Mary lou to the prop room and she appears standing at the prom room's door entrance and suddenly appears out of nowhere with a terrifying face scaring Craig out of his wits and he falls down the steps. He gets up and gets followed by Mary lou and then Craig finds a door nearby and opens running in the room and then Mary lou eventually gets into the room and makes the underworld portal entrance appear by using her powers and Craig almost gets sucked into the underworld but his father bill nordham gets to the room in time to save him. Then craig escapes with his girlfriend vicki and they get into his father's car and Craig's fate is unknown.