Dr. Fairchild was a minor character seen throughout Prom Night (1980). He's mostly seen with Lt. McBride, trying to find whereabouts of Leonard Mercher. Neither he nor McBride, knew the real culprits responsible were Jude Cunningham, Kelly Lynch , Wendy Richards , and McBride's own son Nick (in an accident).

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Known Relatives:


Status: Alive
Portrayed By: David Gardner
Appearance: Prom Night 1980


Dr. Fairchild and Lt. McBride have minor roles in the film as they try to locate Leonard Mercher, a sex offender that had escaped imprisonment.

Six years ago, a small child Robin Anne Hammond had died and no one apparently knew who did it. Lt. McBride had already set his sights on Leonard Mercher, a known sex offender in the area. While it was known that Mercher was in the area when Robin died. There was no conclusive evidence linking him to the crime. Against advice, Lt. McBride and his officers would harass Leonard Mercher.

Eventually, tired of the harassment, Mercher tried escaping but accidentally got in a car accident which left him burned and apparently catatonic. Due to pressure from McBride, the blame of Robin's death is placed on Mercher.

When he escapes, McBride drags Dr. Fairchild into the investigation to try and find Mercher before he kills someone. Fairchild can't offer much due to Mercher being mostly catatonic and was quiet throughout most of his incarceration.

When they find the nurse Mercher had used to escape, they discover he killed her in the place were Robin had died. Fairchild warns him Mercher is probably coming against McBride and the police force for blaming him for it. And convinces McBride not to let the town know of him, since he doesn't believe he can do much damage since he was a burn victim.