Lou is the sterotypical school rebel as he has no respect for any authority at school. Though possibly he falls under "school deliquent" as he's always drinking, smoking, getting into trouble, or starting a fight.

"All right, let's berate a teen"

~Lou's last words before Alex decapitated him with an axe, killing him~

Name: Lou Farmer
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Known Relatives:

Unnamed Father,


Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: David Mucci
Appearance: Prom Night 1980
Death 1980


Lou Farmer is one of the main antagonists, besides his on/off again girlfriend Wendy Richards. He's rude, crude, a smoker, self-egotistical, and has a personal vendetta against Kim Hammond and Alex Hammond. Most likely cause of their father, the principle Mr. Hammond. He's seen constantly hitting on girls whether it be Kim and Jude or Wendy. He's suspended when he harasses Kim during lunch, prompting Alex to defend his older sister. Mr. Hammond agrees he plays favorites, but mostly cause he knows Alex is telling the truth. He's also gotten tired of Lou's behavior and sees him as a disgrace to the school.

Since Nick's dumped her, Wendy takes Lou as her prom date. Though its obvious their relationship is anything but loving. Lou has no respect for her as he eyes other women in front of her. But she puts up with him due to their own personal detestation of the Hammond family. She conspires with Lou to pull a prank on Nick and Kim to embrass them.

The plan was to show up, Lou's friends would ambush Nick. While Wendy would most likely find a way to ambush Kim, leaving her and Lou to surprisingly come out as Prom King and Queen. They appear at the prom, Lou at first doesn't start trouble and appears to enjoy himself. Wendy however is very bored and tries again to make Nick take her back. However, Nick again makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her,

Both angered, they prepare to proceed with the plan. Lou and his friends achieve their part and get Nick out of the way. Only thing, he doesn't realize Wendy's been killed. The killer thinking Lou is Nick, sneaks up behind him with an axe and decapitates him.