Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss Edit

Miss Richards is the guidance counselor in Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss.


She is seen early in the film belittling Alex for his average grades. She explains to him that he won't be able to go to medical school with his current GPA and that he should consider other options such as a fry cook.

She later discovers that Alex is suddenly on the honor roll. She comes to the assumption that Alex has hacked the school's system and changed his grades. She leaves her office to go resolve the issue. However, she is stopped by Mary Lou who drags her to the home studies classroom and shackles her in a hair salon chair. Miss Richards questions an old smell to which Mary Lou tells her that it's battery acid, Miss Richards then questions what Mary Lou meant before the chair begins to drench her in the corrosive liquid, slowly killing her. All the while Mary Lou taking pleasure in the guidance counselor's demise.

Ms.Richards drenched in battery acid.

Miss Richards' corpse is later discovered by Alex and then buries in the football field while he talks to Miss Richards body telling her "You asked me once how far I was willing to go to be successful...Anymore questions?" before dumping her body in the grave. Miss Richards then appears in a dream sequence as a zombie. Miss Richards' corpse is later discovered by police, alongside Mary Lou's other victims.

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Richards is the center of a reoccurring joke in the movie regarding her status as a guidance counselor. This is shown through Alex's girlfriend, Sarah, Mary Lou, and the Police. Mary Lou who says she wasn't even a person and the police who almost forget about her death. When they remember the detective asks if she was a teacher, he is told she was "just a guidance counselor".