Father of Kim, Robin and Alex Hammond. Loving husband to Mrs. Hammond, he's a also a firm but somewhat fair principal at Alexander Hanilton Highschool. He has admitted he'll play favorites to Lou Farmer, but that could be because Lou is a bad student.

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Known Relatives:

Mrs. Hammond (wife)

Kimberley Hammond (daughter)

Robin Hammond (daughter)

Alex Hammond (son)

Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Leslie Nielsen
Appearance: Prom Night 1980


Like his wife, Mr. Hammond was very stunned by the loss of his youngest daughter Robin. None knew that she had been accidentally killed by Wendy Richards, Jude Cunningham , Kelly Lynch , and Nick McBride; during what was suppose to be a game. Six years has past, and the family still mourns her. Mr. Hammond has been his wife's rock and has always comforted her when she needs it.

Mr. Hammond is the principle of Kim and Alex's school. While he's apparently a good and fair principle, his children have become targets of Wendy and Lou Farmer 's wraths. Lou hates them because of their father, while Wendy hates them out of jealousy that Nick left her for Kim. Both accused the children of being favored because of their father.

Mr. Hammond doesn't deny it in one case. When Lou harassed Kim during lunch and tried to force himself on her. Alex comes to his sister's defense and starts a fight with him. When Lou tries to make a bad excuse, Mr. Hammond can see right through it. In this case he admits he'll play favorites, mostly cause he's tired of Lou's behavior and suspends him from school.