The mother of Kimberly, Robin and Alex Hammond. Wife of the principle Hammond. She's still grief-stricken over her daughter's death. But tries to be a good mother to her surviving children.

Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Known Relatives:

Mr. Hammond (husband)

Kimberley Hammond (daughter)

Robin Hammond (daughter)

Alex Hammond (brother)

Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Antoinette Bower
Appearance: Prom Night 1980


Not much is shown about Mrs. Hammond, all thats shown is that she was compelely distraught by her daughter's death. Every year she and her family, attend the memorial on the anniversary of Robin's death.

She still thinks of her daughter and misses her dearly. So much so that her husband has to comfort her, when she begins to cry.

When prom comes around, she does show that her grief hasn't stopped her from wanting her surviving children to be happy. She even helps Kim get ready for her big night.